The Colonel was saving for dinner

The Colonel was saving for dinner

Finished work on obtaining Dmitry Zakharchenko bribes from the owner of the restaurant La Maree.

The main investigation Department of the TFR has completed the investigation of three episodes of the criminal case against the former Deputy head of the “T” Guebipk of the MIA of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko. The Colonel of the police, which the Prosecutor General’s office has seized the property and money totaling more than 9 billion rubles., is accused of receiving two bribes and warning the leaders of Nota-Bank on the forthcoming visit of the security forces, which was considered to be obstruction of the investigation.

The trial of two corruption-related episodes continues.

That completed the investigation of three of the five episodes of the proceedings against Colonel Zakharchenko, said the official representative of SKR Svetlana Petrenko. According to her, the former Deputy head of the “T” Guebipk charged in the final version of receiving two bribes (article 290 of the criminal code) and obstructing a preliminary investigation (article 294 of the criminal code). In the near future, said Ms. Petrenko, the accused and his lawyers will start acquaintance with criminal case materials.

One of the lawyers of the Colonel Zakharchenko, Aleksandr Gorbatenko, explained “Kommersant”, in which the state office of public Prosecutor has seized property and cash totaling more than 9 billion rubles, which was received from the owner of the restaurant La Maree Copper Dossa. It happened, according to investigators, several years ago, when Dmitry Zakharchenko, as a police major, I worked in the “P” Guebipk the Ministry of internal Affairs responsible for combating crimes in the sphere of the consumer market.

Intermediary in money transfer for the overall protection made Colonel of control “M” of FSB of Russia Dmitry Senin.

Lawyer, counsel emphasized that the security officer, who is now wanted for mediation in bribery and desertion (part 1 of article 338 of the criminal code), was not a relative of his client, although this version was actively discussed in the media.

The second episode is also associated with the receipt of Dmitry Zakharchenko bribes from Mr. Dossa. This time it was not about living money, and a discount card for 3.5 million roubles with which to pay the restaurant.

The intermediary in this, according to investigators, was made major-General Alexei Laushkin, from 2012 to 2016 held the position of chief of the main Department of private security of the interior Ministry, and then chief of Regardie in Moscow region (dismissed in January of this year). Proof of this episode is causing skepticism from a lawyer Gorbatenko: “in some strange way the investigation turned out — the General was running for the Colonel!”. From the point of view of the lawyer, the consequence has flagrantly violated the right to protection of Dmitry Zakharchenko, who refused to conduct confrontations with Copper Dossom and Alexei Laushkin. They just confirmed to the investigation that gave the police a bribe.

In accordance with the third episode, in January 2016, Dmitry Zakharchenko, having received information about impending searches and interrogations the leadership of Nota-Bank, his compatriot and close friend of the financial Director Galina Marchukova and owners of the Bank, former Chairman of the Board Dmitry Yerokhin and his younger brother Vadim, — in advance has warned them about the actions of the security forces.

During interrogations, the investigation confirmed Ms. Marchukova.

The Bank ceased to exist, he under investigation leaders was derived 26 billion rubles.

After reading 35 volumes allocated from a common cause three episodes materials will be sent to the Prosecutor General’s office, and after their approval — in the Presnensky district court of Moscow.

While will be the court investigation, the investigation Committee plans to finish two more episodes — on receiving Colonel 7 million rubles from the owner of the company “Rosinzhiniring” Anatoly Prigornitskaya and 800 thousand rubles from the head of the company “Gazprom Avtomatizatsiya” Avshalom Unaawa who have paid the police a rest in Sochi.

Guilt Dmitry Zakharchenko, who the state office of public Prosecutor has seized property and cash totaling more than 9 billion rubles., it does not recognize.

Yury Senatorov