Reveals the connection between “Lord of the rings” and a sex scandal Weinstein

Peter Jackson (right)

The Director of the trilogy “the Lord of the rings” Peter Jackson has said that producers from the company of Harvey Weinstein Miramax influenced the casting for the first film. About it reports NME.

Jackson admitted that he was forced not to take in the cast is Ashley Judd and Sorvino the World who claim that Weinstein were harassing them. “I remember at Miramax we were told that these Actresses is a nightmare, and we should avoid them at all costs,” said the filmmaker.

According to Jackson, he refused to cooperate with artists because of the actions of the producers. “At that time we had no reason to doubt that these guys told us. Now it becomes clear that it was Miramax’s campaign to demonize girls,” he said.

Judd and Sorvino commented on the statement of the Director on Twitter. “I saw it as soon as I woke up, and immediately burst into tears. Here it is, proof that Harvey Weinstein ruined my career, I suspected this but was not completely sure. Thank you for your honesty, Peter Jackson,” wrote Sorvino.

Ashley Judd remembered how she had offered several roles in the trilogy to choose from and even showed suits, and then suddenly stopped communicating.

In October, several dozen women have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape, among them Cara Delevingne, Lea seydoux and Angelina Jolie. Against the background of these confessions many other Hollywood celebrities and singers began to talk about cases of harassment and rape. In particular, the same charges were brought and to Kevin spacey.

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