Punished for doping, the Russian demanded to remove from the competition

Elena Nikitina

Denis Alimov, coach skeletonitch the Russian Elena Nikitina, spoke about the requirement of foreign teams to remove his ward from participation in the European championship in the Austrian mountains. About it reports “R-Sport”.

“Canadians, Latvians and others have signed a requirement that we were never here. I will say this: we have a few friends here, we’re all rivals. In the face of all smile a Hollywood smile. But we know who writes letters against us,” said Alimov.

The coach added that athletes often treat each other more kindly than the heads of federations and head coaches. According to Alimov, the policy should not interfere in the sport.

December 15, Nikitin won a gold medal at the European Championships. Skeletonwitch on the results of two attempts showed the best result (1 minute of 48.8 seconds).

Nikitin in November, was disqualified for life by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is deprived of the bronze medal of the Olympic games in 2014. The results of the investigation of the IOC, the Russian team was barred from participating in the Olympics in 2018. To the competition can go only athletes who have proven the innocence of the state system of substitution of doping tests. They will perform under a neutral flag.

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