Norway is the world’s first disabled the FM radio

Norway is the world’s first disabled the FM radio

Norway was the first country in the world that has completely abandoned FM radio. About it reports The Local.

According to the newspaper, 13th December, all national broadcast in the country has become digital (DAB). At last, the standard was transferred to the Northern regions of Norway and the Svalbard archipelago (Spitsbergen) in the Arctic. At the same time, most local radio stations continues to work in the same format.

The digital switchover started in January. As noted, the format of DAB provides better sound quality and offers more channels and functions.

In addition, the authorities estimate that it costs eight times cheaper than FM radio.

The Local writes that the transition was accompanied by the discontent of the inhabitants: they are forced to buy new receivers or adapters. According to estimates, radio in the new format can listen to less than half of the motorists percent. Experts also indicate that the coverage of DAB in Norway is insufficient.

In the coming years to digital broadcasting plans to move a number of European countries, including Switzerland, UK and Denmark.