Named the most profitable actor

Named the most profitable actor

MOSCOW, 15 Dec — RIA Novosti. Forbes has compiled a list of Hollywood actors that bring studios greatest profit. The rating is published on the journal’s website.

First place went to Jeremy Renner, whose participation in the movie guarantees the box office receipts in excess of the fee of the actor in 94 times. It is noted that he took the lead thanks to the franchise “Mission: impossible” and films about captain America.

In second place was Emma Watson. Rental latest three films with her participation, including the musical “beauty and the Beast”, brought to studios around 70 dollars with each dollar paid to the actress.

Also the three most profitable stars of cinema came American Scarlett Johansson, whose figure of “payback” is 1 to 66. The most successful movies to her were “Avengers: age of Ultron” and “captain America: Confrontation.”

The rankings, Forbes took into account picture, published before 1 June 2017.

The day before the newspaper published a list of the most overrated actors of the year. The first place it took mark Wahlberg.