Ksenia Sobchak announced the use of its popularity

Ksenia Sobchak announced the use of its popularity

Moscow. 16 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — TV Presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who announced his desire to run for President, believes the policy of “the art of the possible”, the correspondent of “Interfax”.

Answering the question, not whether it is “the Kremlin project”, Sobchak has expressed the view that the government uses its popularity in the same way as it uses politics to advance their ideas.

“Does the power that she now can I somehow use? Yes, of course. I don’t know how everything is solved, but I’m pretty sure I appear on Federal channels with the permission of someone. With the permission of the one who calls and says, okay, let”, — said Sobchak during the communication with supporters and journalists in Yekaterinburg on Saturday.

18 Oct Ksenia Sobchak has declared his intention to run for President of Russia in 2018. 16 December, she opened his campaign headquarters in the capital of the Middle Urals.

Presidential elections scheduled for March 18. Election campaign starts on December 18.