In Norway the cat has experienced a 40 minute wash in a washing machine

In Norway the cat has experienced a 40 minute wash in a washing machine

MOSCOW, 16 Dec — RIA Novosti. In Oslo a cat named zero accidentally fell into the washing machine and survived forty minutes washing at 30 ° C in wool mode. This writes the Norwegian website NRK.

The cat quietly snuck into the drum when the father opened the washing machine to pull out her piece of clothing. After washing the cat found a 14-year-old Joakim.

Cat got into the washing machine – survived the 40 min wool program

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“He was soaking wet. He looked so shriveled and thinner than usual. He was oriented in space, and began vomiting, says the boy.

The cat was taken to a veterinary clinic where he was put on a drip. Two days later it was returned to the family. “It was a nervous day. Only when the vets said he’ll be fine, we were able to relax,” says the mother of Joakim Annette.

According to the veterinarian Vibeke, Rootwelt of such a case in her practice was not yet. However, she believes that this happens often, just about every such episode is known.

Now, zero is just as alive and playful as before.

“Now he smells like soap. Cats don’t like water. I do not think that after such a zero, it was more like,” said Joakim.

That cat nothing terrible had happened, he calls extra gift for Christmas. The teenager urged other people to be more attentive to their Pets, and his family is now constantly checks the drum before washing.