In Facebook revealed the secret of a happy social media

Researchers at Facebook David Ginsberg and Moira Burke admitted that the constant viewing of the news feed in a social network has a negative impact on the mental health of users. The results of the analysis published in the “Difficult question: can time spent in the social network, to hurt us,” according to

Among students of the University of Michigan held a special experiment. Some asked for ten minutes to read news and others to post and chat with friends. The mood of the students from the first group by the end of the day was worse than the second.

Facebook researchers have suggested that “reading about other people online can lead to negative social comparisons”.

At the same time, Facebook encourages to spend more time on the social network. To stay there was more pleasant, it is advised to communicate more with their friends and exchange messages in small groups.

On 15 December it became known that the inhabitant of Khabarovsk has spent over three thousand hours of viewing videos in the “Classmates”. Every day is a lesson taken from the man about nine o’clock.

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