Already flown the Falcon 9 has launched the flying Dragon. And sat down again

Already flown the Falcon 9 has launched the flying Dragon. And sat down again

The company SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket with a used first stage of the Dragon spacecraft has already flown to the ISS. In addition, this is the first mission to deliver cargo to the ISS on a rocket with a reused first stage. Stream launch was conducted on YouTube-channel company.


SpaceX in the development of both rockets, and space ships, counting on their multiple use. At the end of 2015, the company first planted the first stage of Falcon 9 after launch, and then made many successful landings, but a long time did not use these levels again. But in 2017 the company managed to achieve significant progress in the area of reusable space at the end of March for the first time, SpaceX successfully launched and landed already flown the first stage, and in the summer for the first time, re-launched the already used Dragon spacecraft.

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Now, the company was able to launch the Dragon ship that was used during the CRS-6 mission to supply the ISS in April 2015, the Falcon 9 rocket with first stage that was used in June 2017 during the mission, CRS-11. This time the Dragon is on a mission CRS-13 within which he will deliver to the ISS nearly 2.2 tons of cargo, including food for astronauts and materials for research on the station. In addition, he will deliver to the station the new sensor space debris, which will be able to track debris smaller than a millimeter.

The launch took place on 15 December at 18:36 Moscow time from Space launch complex-40 at Cape Canaveral in Florida. After two and a half minutes, the first stage separated from the rocket, and in another five minutes, she landed back on the launch complex. 11 minutes after the start of the Dragon spacecraft has uncovered the solar panels. It needs to arrive at the ISS on 17 December 2017. About a month after that, it will undock from the station and return to earth for more than 1.6 tons of cargo.