Actress caught shop cosmetics in branding employees

Ksenia Alferova

Russian actress Ksenia Alferova complained about the cosmetics shop “L’etoile”. She said in Instagram that management makes sales consultants to paint their faces.

“I accidentally walked into the store Letual! I was helped by a beautiful, intelligent woman, a professional. I was surprised that on his right cheek she sported a huge number 16 written in blue pen!” — said Alferov (spelling and punctuation preserved).

The artist asked the saleswoman what the numbers mean. “And then it all somehow shrunk, lowered his eyes and, barely holding back tears, murmured, what do those numbers mean the end time of the action! I was stunned! Could not believe my ears! Asked! Looked around and was stunned! All the sellers went to the shop with the numbers on the face!!!” — the woman was indignant.

“This is what a horror, to stigmatize their employees! The only Association that arise in me — a concentration camp or Pets,” — said Alferov.

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A post shared by L’etoile (@letoile_official) on Dec 15, 2017 at 12:14pm PST

The official Instagram of the network of stores of cosmetics painted the faces of the employees was called a flash mob.

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