Media reported about the flight of American F-22 from the Russian fighter

The American fighter F-22 left the area at the approach of the Russian fighter in the sky over Syria. This was reported to journalists on Friday in the Russian defense Ministry denied the allegations of the Western media about the interception of aircraft of VC, reports TASS.

According to the Russian military Department, “certain American and British media once again trying to indulge in wishful thinking”. The defense Ministry explained that the pair of su-25 was accompanied by a humanitarian convoy near the town of Mayadin, when towards them from the East Bank of the Euphrates river close to the American fighter and started shooting flares, preventing Russian pilots.

“Carrying out the task of air cover, the Russian su-35S rapidly approached the F-22 from rear hemisphere, after which the American fighter left the area”, — explained in the defense Ministry.

Earlier, on 14 December, the newspaper the Independent wrote about the interception of U.S. air force aircraft su-25. The publication cited an unnamed us official, who said that the Russian pilots “have violated the agreed area of?? operations, created in order to avoid unintended incidents.” According to media reports, after warning the Russian planes left the area.

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Background: U.S. fighter jets intercepted Russian attack aircraft in Syria