British General told about the key Russian threat

Stuart Peach

Chief of the General staff of the British armed forces Stuart Peach said that NATO considers the vulnerability of submarine cables as one of the key threats to Western countries on the part of the Navy of Russia. About it reports BBC News.

According to him, the destruction or disabling of underwater communication lines will be “potentially catastrophic” blow to the economy of the NATO countries.

“In response to the threat posed by the modernization of the Russian Navy — the nuclear and non-nuclear submarines and surface ships, we and our Atlantic allies give priority to tasks related to the protection of sea lines of communication”, — said the General.

5 December it was reported that one in five British soldiers not able to fight. Just not combat-ready due to illness, injury, a deplorable physical condition or other reasons turned out to be 8 thousand soldiers. About 10 thousand can be involved in the military operations, but not in all regions.

According to British MP Andrew Bowie, UK faces a number of threats — North Korean, Russian, terrorist, and 60 thousand soldiers not able to bear all entrusted to the armed forces of the load.

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