About trump, Syria and Ukraine ended in Moscow a press-conference of Putin

About trump, Syria and Ukraine ended in Moscow a press-conference of Putin

MOSCOW, December 14 — RIA Novosti. Foreign journalists asked the bulk of questions the second hour, the big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the alleged interference in U.S. elections, American leader, Donald trump, Ukraine.


Other topics that interested the press in the second part of the event, began the doping, the football world Cup, children and senior citizens. Not paid attention to and held at the beginning of the week the Russian leader’s visit to Syria on the Russian air base “Hamim”.

Interesting guys

About the American President mentioned in the context of the Russian budget.

He noted that Moscow cannot afford such a large military expenditure as Washington, however, the funds which are spent today by Russia on defense, is enough. In this context, the President told an anecdote, within the framework of the thesis that “those who do not want to feed his army will feed someone else.”

The son of a former officer exchanged in the courtyard of the neighbor’s boy his father’s dagger at his watch, Putin began. “He said, well, show, watch good, well done. But you know, tomorrow that will come to us bandits and robbers, they will kill me, mother will kill you, your older sister will be raped. And you will come out and say: good evening, Moscow time 12 hours 30 minutes”, — said the President.

“We don’t want this development”, — concluded the President.

Coming back to the American theme, Putin said that the United States actually withdrew from the Treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF).

“In fact they’ve been released (from the INF Treaty — ed.). Here they are trying in some way to blame and reproach, and they themselves made — they put a launcher system in Romania,” he said.

The US withdrawal from the agreements under the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range and limitation of strategic offensive weapons will lead to difficulties in the global security and bad for the preservation of international stability, Putin said.

The Russian leader did not evaluate the work of American colleagues, noting that the assessment of the work of trump needs to engage the American people. But the notable achievements that say about the effectiveness of trump.

“Look at the markets as they grew up. This speaks to investor confidence in the U.S. economy, it says that they trust that he is doing in this sphere”, — said the President of the Russian Federation.

He added that trump is unable to fulfill his election promises, including against Russia, because of limitations in the United States. The two countries have many topics on which they could unite and work together, he said.

“I believe that in the interests of the American and Russian peoples, we still normalize our relations will develop, overcome common threats,” he said.

The trump in the US are trying to make illegitimate character, not realizing that it applied the detriment of their country, Putin said.

He called Russia’s contacts with representatives of the trump before the election in the United States everywhere in the world, but believes that in the US, it assumes the character of a spy.

“And for me it is even weird, I tell you quite frankly, because it is done as if without understanding that people who do this are detrimental to the political condition of the country, “bled” the possibility of an elected head of state. This means that they respect the voters who voted for him”, — said Putin.

Commenting on the actions of the American side against RT and Sputnik Agency, Putin said that statements from Washington about the threat posed by these media there is the question of freedom of information in the United States.

“You guys,” commented the President another question.

Russia is trying to work constructively with all countries on the most topical issues in the field of international security, not puffing out his lips and not resenting an incomprehensible decision, Putin said.

Your congressmen, senators, so good looking, they have beautiful suits, shirts, they like smart people. They put us on a par with North Korea and Iran. While at the same time pushing President (USA), he persuaded us to work with you to solve the problems of North Korea and Iran. You are all normal people?Vladimir Putin

As the President said, “this is strange, agree.” “Is this the level of common sense,” — said Putin.

Russia does not recognize North Korea’s nuclear status, he said. The Russian President also noted that American intelligence agencies do not know the real location of potential targets for strikes against the territory of the DPRK. However, he said that the US has unreasonably used a nuclear weapon against Japan, now this need against the DPRK are not.