Trump promised Americans a tax cut by February

Trump promised Americans a tax cut by February

WASHINGTON, December 14. /TASS/. American families will pay less tax from February next year, if Congress will adopt the bill on amendments to the Tax code of the country till Christmas (25 December). On Wednesday said US President Donald trump.

“As a candidate [for the presidency], I promised that we will have the biggest tax cut for working American families,” he said during a special reception at the White house, to which were invited several families from different States. According to him, prior to the execution of this promise remains a “few days.”

Trump said that Republicans in Congress have reached agreement about the final version of the bill tax reform, “which will create jobs, increase wages and ensure a significant reduction of the tax burden for American families and businesses.”

“If Congress would send me a bill [signed] until Christmas, then once confirmed that the internal revenue Service (tax office of the USA — approx. TASS), Americans will feel the tax cuts and the growth of salaries since February,” said the American leader.

He also assured that the average family with an annual income of $75 thousand will be given to the Treasury of the state $2 thousand less than now. In addition, expanding the ability to use the tax credit.

While the final version of the new bill are published. It is known that in the end the tax for companies will be reduced from 35% to 21%. The Democrats this reform is not supported, they claim that it is designed to ease the burden for big business, not middle class.