The US has accused Russia of shelling the civilian population of Ukraine

The U.S. state Department believes that Russia is engaged in attacks on the civilian population in Ukraine. This was stated by state Department spokesman Heather Nauert, reports RIA Novosti.

“We again urge Russia to stop missile and artillery attacks on the Ukrainian civilian population,” she said.

Nauert assured that the United States is deeply concerned “about the continuing attacks on the civilian infrastructure in the Donetsk region”. Washington requires the self-proclaimed representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics (DND and LNR) to retreat from their positions near the water treatment plant under Donetsk, said Nauert. Also, the state Department spokesman accused them of shelling the station.

“The treatment plant and the power substation to provide drinking water, electricity and Central heating to the population, about 345 thousand people. It is impossible to imagine that someone is threatening the supply of water and Central heating in the dead of winter. Russian-backed forces must immediately move from their new positions around the water treatment plant,” said Nauert.

According to her, the humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine is now worse than ever.

On 13 December the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that Washington considers it a priority in Ukraine, the decline of violence in the East of the country. “Our priority is to reduce violence, stop the killing in the East of Ukraine, and we are working with Russia to explore whether we can come to some agreement on the mandate for UN peacekeeping forces”, — he said. Tillerson added that Washington could not “accept the Russian intervention in Ukraine”.

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