Scientists: one in nine Russians is a carrier of mutations

Scientists: one in nine Russians is a carrier of mutations

MOSCOW, December 14 — RIA Novosti. Geneticists have found that approximately 11% of Russians are carriers of at least one mutation associated with the development of various age-related and genetically determined diseases, the press service of the company Genotek.

“A small dose of aspirin can help carriers of mutations in the genes F2 and F5 to prevent the occurrence of early myocardial infarction. If the carriers of mutations in the PKD1 gene are associated with polycystic kidney disease adult type, be aware of the presence of this disease, limit your physical activity and avoidance of hypothermia will significantly reduce the risk of chronic renal failure”, — says Elena Okuneva, physician-geneticist, medical genetic center of Genotek.

Mutation, contrary to the views of the public, appear in the DNA of human and other living beings almost permanently. Small differences caused by random mutations, are present even in the genomes of identical twins. The genetic material of the children contains, as a rule, two new mutations in comparison with the device DNA of their parents, and the average unrelated people differ by 10-20 thousand unique “typos” in the structure of their genes.