Putin spoke about the civil war and abusing the power of youth

Russia after disintegration of the USSR for 10 years in the civil war. On Thursday, 14 December, said President Vladimir Putin during a big press conference for the year, which translates to “Russia 24”.

“The boys are 18-19 years old, not ready, not trained, the bullets had the country forward. Now let’s see what our army,” — said the head of state and added that today’s young people, criticizing the authorities, unaware of what was happening in the 1990s — early 2000-ies.

The President acknowledged that at present in Russia there are many problems, however, in contrast to the 90-ies, at the moment there have been a number of positive trends. “We are primarily here today to talk about these issues, and will speak without any varnish, but nevertheless, our GDP grew by 75 percent,” the President added.

Industrial production, he said, since the beginning of the century grew by 70 percent, while the processing industry grew rapidly.

Real wages in recent years, according to Putin, “still pressed”, but, in comparison with 17-year-old, she has grown in 3,5 times, and pension — 3.6 times. “The infant mortality rate decreased 2.6 times, mother — 4 times,” — said the President.

Putin also said that Russia’s population dropped by a million people a year. “We changed the demographic situation. Here too there are problems, but nevertheless — we have overcome”, — he stressed.

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