Parliament imposed the government may vote on the “broksita”

Parliament imposed the government may vote on the “broksita”

The government of British Prime Minister Theresa may was defeated in Parliament during a vote on an important amendment is now passing through the House of Commons the bill on the transposition of European legislation in British.

The amendment stipulates that the final agreement on the terms of a British exit from the European Union must be ratified by Parliament.

The government insisted that the provision weakens its negotiating position with the EU — the need to ratify the agreement in Parliament leaves even less time for negotiations, which were allotted very short period of time until March 29, 2019.

However, by a majority of 309 votes against 304 voted against the government’s position. This majority was joined by 11 members of the ruling Conservative party.

Ministers claim that this does not affect the fact that Britain will leave the EU in 2019.

Among the conservatives who voted against the position of the government, eight former Ministers. Among them, Stephen Hammond, who immediately after the vote was removed from his post of Vice Chairman of the party.

“Today I put the interests of the country and my constituents above the interests of the party and voted according to their principles, to give Parliament the opportunity to vote in a meaningful way,” wrote the rebellious conservative in Twitter account.

This is the first defeat for the government in Parliament on the issue of “breccia”. It happened the day before, the Prime Minister may have to take part in the EU summit, which will discuss “brakcet”.