Named reason for non-participation of Putin in the debate

Vladimir Putin

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” told about the reasons why the Russian leader is not involved in the candidates ‘ debates during the election campaign. Video available on the YouTube channel “Russia 24” (19:15).

Peskov said that this is due to the fact that Putin is the acting head of state. “In his case, his candidacy is, of course, proceeds according to other laws. Although according to the same laws as everyone else. But the imprint of this current presidency, he obviously is, shall we say, changes the situation,” said Peskov, adding that such debates “are rather pointless in its essence”.

Also, the press Secretary of the Russian leader hoped that the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, has announced its intention to participate in elections and accredited to the press conference Putin December 14, will use the event as a platform for debate with the President of the country. “The press conference is still not in order to debate. And, I will say this, that is, of course, it would be deeply disrespectful to the thousands of journalists who are sitting here are to detain so much attention to yourself. So I hope that still Sobchak will behave as a journalist, which she here and accredited,” said Sands.

On 6 December Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with employees of the GAZ factory that he intends to run again for the presidency. On the same day, Secretary of the Central electoral Commission of Maya Grishin has told that he has the right to refuse pre-election debates. According to the law “On elections of President of the Russian Federation”, in case the candidate refuses to debate it can present Trustees. A list of them he will have to bear personally to the CEC with the required nomination documents.

During the election campaign of 2012, Putin, then Prime Minister, was presented by film Director Nikita Mikhalkov and Director of the Institute of ambulance behalf of Janelidze, head of the Russian medical society Sergey Bagnenko. In 2004 the President also refused to participate in the debate.

Annual big press conference of Vladimir Putin December 14. Its beginning is scheduled for 12:00 GMT.

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