Macron said, as trump has justified its decision on Jerusalem

Macron said, as trump has justified its decision on Jerusalem

WASHINGTON, December 14. /TASS/. The President of the United States Donald trump shortly before the announcement of the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognizing the latter as the capital of Israel told his French counterpart Emmanuel macron, the about what his motives were in making so many controversial decisions.

The French leader spoke about this in an interview with CBS, published on Tuesday.

“He told me the reasons for its decision, which was to create a new momentum for change in the system because it believes that the previous negotiations stalled and blocked for decades. He wanted to create momentum that will provoke strong reactions due to this announcement,” told him about the conversation held with trump shortly before the statement about the transfer of the diplomatic mission of the United States.

“To this I replied that in my opinion, today it is the wrong ad to create momentum and a new process. However, in the end, you decide for yourself,” added the French leader.

Trump on December 6 stated that “the time has come to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” The White house also ordered the state Department to begin preparing to transfer the American Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The President said that Washington maintains “the desire to promote a peace agreement acceptable to both parties.” According to trump, the United States would “support the solution “two States”, if it will be accepted by both parties”.

The status of Jerusalem is one of the key problems in Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Israelis occupied the Eastern part of the city during the 1967 war. They insist that Jerusalem is “one and indivisible” capital of Israel. The Palestinians want to make East part of the city is the capital of the state.