In the state Duma proposed to extend the learning in the school year

Vasily Vlasov

State Duma Deputy from LDPR Vasily Vlasov proposed to the Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva extend the period of study in schools and enter the 12-th class. He also advocated the extension of summer vacation for a month. On Thursday, December 14, reports TASS.

“Approaches to middle education and to higher education must change in the direction of increasing the time allowed for independent work”, — said the Deputy, adding that he considers it necessary to do 12th class vocational guidance.

According to Vlasov, at present, many graduates do not work in the specialty. He attributes this to the fact that the school the person receives only General knowledge and to identify interesting field of future employment, and then follows parents ‘ advice or “certain trends”.

“If a student is enrolled at the expense of budget funds, the state will not receive the necessary future economic benefits that investing in funds”, — he explained.

As compensation for the additional year in school is the Deputy proposed to extend summer vacation for students until October 1. It also allows parents to take vacations in September and possibly travel to Russia, which has a positive impact on the economy and will bring additional income into the budget, I’m sure Vlasov.

According to the portal “”, the number of budget places in major Moscow universities in 2017 decreased compared to a year earlier. Only in some educational institutions there are additional places, and then only for some specialties.

In the January report VTSIOM on the results of a poll on the subject of prospects of students noted that graduates became more difficult to find a job after graduation. Almost half of respondents (47 percent) admitted that they had difficulties in finding work in the specialty. Another 40 percent talked about the difficulties in finding high-paying positions.

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