In a plane crash in Canada survived 25 people

Photo from the scene

The plane ATR-42 airlines West Wind Aviation, which was carrying 22 passengers and 3 crew members, crashed after taking off from the airport town of fon-du-Lac, Saskatchewan, Canada. On Thursday, 14 December, CBC News reports.

For some unknown reason, the car fell to the ground about a kilometer from the runway. At the scene first were the locals who helped pull the wounded.

“We heard people shouting, women’s voices. We went to the sounds and reached the place where the plane fell. They were all jammed between the seats and paneling. We managed to break down the pieces of metal to get these people,” — said one of the participants in the rescue operation.

“After the crash not occurred no explosion, no fire. A number of people were injured, some of them quite serious, they are given medical help”, — said in a statement the Royal Canadian mounted police. Data about at what altitude the plane had a technical problem, not given.

Canadian Council on transport safety began investigating the crash.

ATR-42 — passenger twin-engine turboprop medium-haul aircraft. Producer — Franco-Italian concern ATR. The machine comes with 1984. During the commercial operation was lost 29 ATR-42.

16 November it was reported that three year old girl survived the crash of a passenger aircraft L-410 in the airport area Nelkan in the Khabarovsk territory. The plane crashed during landing, it did not reach the runway of about two kilometers.

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