General APU called Ukrainian tanks failed

General APU called Ukrainian tanks failed

MOSCOW, December 14 — RIA Novosti. The armed forces of Ukraine are facing a number of challenges, including due to poor design of tanks “Bulat”. About it in interview to Agency “Military-industrial courier,” said the Deputy commander of Land forces of VSU on logistics Yuri joint working.

“Overall, the reserve equipment is still great, but all this technology is outdated and modernisation potential is almost exhausted. Some upgrade options are unsuccessful in a real fight. For example, tanks T-64BM “Bulat” due to weight and weak engine proved ineffective, were transferred to the reserves and replaced by a linear T-64″, — said the General.

Joint working said that Ukraine needs to create new models of armored vehicles that it is difficult for the country. “There are other problems. BM “Oplot” (Ukrainian tank based on the Soviet T-80UD — ed.), for example, in the Armed forces exists in a single copy — at the Kharkov Institute of tank troops. So the question is the capacity of the state procurement and industry for serial production of new machines,” added joint working.