Tillerson called the priority of the United States in Ukraine

Rex Tillerson

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that Washington considers it a priority in Ukraine, the decline of violence in the East of the country. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“Violence in Eastern Ukraine continues. In 2017, there were more deaths of civilians than in 2016. The number of ceasefire violations has increased by 60 percent. (…) Our priority is to reduce violence, stop the killing in the East of Ukraine, and we are working with Russia to explore whether we can come to some agreement on the mandate for UN peacekeeping forces”, — he said.

Tillerson added that Washington could not “accept the Russian intervention in Ukraine”. “In Syria, Russia decided to support Bashar al-Assad. We decided not to do it. But when we are talking about the invasion of another country — it’s impossible to maintain it,” he said.

According to him, it is “became the basis for a very serious regime of sanctions.” Tillerson said that this regime will not change, “while a Russian invasion is resolved and until the territorial integrity of Ukraine will not be restored.”

“The government in Kiev needs to be done to implement reforms and to perform its obligations under the Minsk agreements. Russia should use its influence on the rebel forces that it supports in Eastern Ukraine to end this violence,” she added.

In addition, the Secretary promised that the US will return to the Crimea. “We will return to the Crimea. I know that Putin has made it clear that this is to be discussed at the negotiating table will not. At some point will be, but we now need to stop the violence in Eastern Ukraine. Let’s see if we can resolve,” said he.

The President of the United States Donald trump, according to Tillerson wants a “working relationship” between Moscow and Washington. “The President has made clear that it considers important to the United States and Russia had a working relationship. Now this is not” — said the Secretary of state.

Also Tillerson called the area in which the United States needed Russian support. “We speak very in detail with our Russian colleagues on issues that they can do within the framework of the UN Security Council. And again I want to stress that they have a very strong support for sanctions. But we need the support of Russia and, when we come to the point where we really begin to solve this problem, we will need everyone in the neighborhood is important, that there was Japan, China, Russia. Everyone should be there to contribute to the success,” he concluded.

7 Dec Tillerson said that the US would lift sanctions against Russia, but this is impossible without solution of the Ukrainian question. A day earlier, he said that the priority of Washington’s policy in relation to the conflict in the East of Ukraine was the decision of a question on placing international peacekeepers in the Donbass.

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