The Tyumen parents rebelled against the lessons about HIV

PTA Tyumen opposed school lessons in which students talk about the causes of HIV infection, according

“The lesson children told that the reason for the spread of HIV — sexual intercourse, homosexual relationships. To avoid infection, you need to use a condom. Now think about whether you need this information to students? Moreover, the percentage of children infected sexually, are minimal. Basically, it’s the children who got the infection at birth or through breastfeeding,” said the publication Chairman of the Tyumen parental Committee Andrey Dobrynin.

The Committee appealed to the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva with a request to cancel the Day of action on informing children and youth about HIV prevention.

Earlier it was reported that the onset of new year in Russia will be another 100 thousand HIV-infected more. The majority of Russians, who in 2017 were identified with HIV acquired it through heterosexual contact. According to official data, their number exceeded 1.16 million people, according to unofficial — HIV-positive Russians more than two million.

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