The Spaniard paid the price for braces

Victor Laínez

A resident of Spanish Zaragoza Victor Laínez (Víctor Láinez), subjected to 8 Dec attacked for wearing suspenders with a picture of the state flag, died in hospital. It is reported by Heraldo.

Last Friday, a 55-year-old Laínez decided to visit one of the city bars. However, several of the visitors who didn’t like his braces, stood against finding Lines in the same room with them. They made the argument, during which he called man a “fascist.”

When Laínez left the bar, 33-year-old Rodrigo Lanza attacked him and hit an iron rod on the head. Laínez received cherepno-a brain trauma and was in an unconscious condition was taken to hospital, where doctors put him in a coma. On Tuesday morning he died.

Lanza, who fled from the scene on a Bicycle, was detained. It is known that he is a member of the local anti-fascist movement, and was serving a nine-year prison sentence for assaulting a police officer in Barcelona in 2006.

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