The Rothschilds spoke about the refusal of foreigners to buy the company Poroshenko

Interested in buying affiliated with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the confectionery Corporation Roshen, the company was not ready to take risks and refused the deal. This was stated by the representative of Rothschild Inc in the CIS Giovanni Salvetti, reports “Interfax”.

As said by Him, we are talking about an unpredictable development of the crisis in Russian-Ukrainian relations. He also explained that the asset could be bought only by players at the global level, as its price is several billion dollars. However, neither European nor North American, nor Asian investors were not ready.

According to him, the decision to place shares of Petro Poroshenko in the office of the “blind” trust is the most transparent and the only working version of effective office of the President of Ukraine of his rights of ownership of shares.

Poroshenko is the founder of Roshen Corporation (“Roche”). It produces more than 350 kinds of confectionery. The total volume of production reaches about 300 thousand tons per year. The Corporation includes companies in Ukraine, Lithuania and Hungary. In Borispol the construction of a new biscuit factory. Production activities are located in Russia Lipetsk factory was stopped from April 2017 (the preservation process was completed in June). Her property is under arrest.

After unsuccessful attempts to sell its stake in Roshen Poroshenko in January 2016, gave it control of the Rothschild Trust.

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