The accused in the bombing in new York told investigators much

The accused in the bombing in new York told investigators much

Asiedu Ulla arrested Monday at the bus station in Manhattan after the attempted explosion of a homemade bomb, charged with several counts, including supporting a terrorist organization.


On Tuesday at noon Federal prosecutors in the southern district of new York held a press conference about the bombing, arranged according to the investigation, 27-year-old Akieda Ulla.

At the same time the Prosecutor’s office issued the first legal document in this case called “Complaint” (Complaint) and represents the judge-magistrate for a warrant for the arrest of the suspect.

The document is 10 pages and came from the pen of the investigator of the Ministry of internal security of the United States Joseph Cerciello, part of the new York task force the FBI to combat terrorism.

Ulla accused him of “providing essential assistance and resources of the organization, which is recognized as a terrorist”, “Islamic state” (in Russia it is also forbidden), “the use of weapons of mass destruction”, “explosion of a bomb in a public place”, “the destruction of property by fire or explosives and using explosive devices to commit a crime with application of violence”.

The explosion occurred at 07:20 a.m. Monday in the underpass that connects the metro station at 7th and 8th Avenue and 42nd street that is under the place where the author of these lines was present last Friday at Palestinian demonstrations.

The explosion site is located in close proximity to the main bus station, Manhattan, known as Bus terminal Port authority.

After the explosion, the police found Ullu lying on the floor of the transition. In the pocket of his pants was discovered by a nine-volt battery, which to his jacket stretched wire. Under the jacket was two plastic ties.

On the floor were found fragments of metal pipe and end cap. The wires were attached to fragments of the lamp from Christmas elektrogirlyandy. In the list of exhibits included metal screws and pieces of plastic clamps.