Russia will create in Syria a full-fledged naval base

Russia will create in Syria a full-fledged naval base

Moscow. 13 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — IN the Syrian Tartus will be a full-fledged Russian naval base, have informed “Interfax” on Wednesday the former chief of staff of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Kravchenko.


“It will strengthen the operational capabilities of our fleet in the Mediterranean and in General the position of Russia in the middle East,” — said Kravchenko.

He noted that earlier in Tartus, Russia was the point of logistics, “is a small area, expanding territory, we create a naval base.”

“Base implies a decent area, all kinds of protection and defense, the entry of ships up to cruisers of the first rank. They will be able to resupply and personnel to rest,” — said Kravchenko.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday submitted for ratification to the state Duma the agreement between Russia and Syria to expand the territory of item logistics RF Navy in the port of Tartus.

From minesweepers to cruisers

Earlier this year, an informed source told “Interfax” that the Russian military is modernizing point of the Russian Navy in Tartus. “This will provide the length and conduct of the current and average repair in Tartus ships of various classes: from minesweepers to cruisers,” said the source.

According to him, this port of Tartus to deepen and broaden the fairway.