Indian tried to give doused with acid lover killed husband

Resident of India killed her husband and poured acid over the face of the lover to give his deceased spouse. It is reported by Gulf News India.

According to the publication, the 28-year-old Swasi (Swathi) from the state of Telangana conspired with her lover Rajesh (Rajesh) to kill her husband Sudhakar (Sudhakar) two years ago, but was going to implement the plan later. When the husband Swazi learned about the existence of a lover, the woman was frightened of a quarrel, wait until the spouse gets back from work, and killed him. She rolled up in a carpet and burned in the nearby woods.

Two days later, she doused the body and the face of a lover with acid, probably with his consent, and said her husband’s parents that he was attacked and disfigured. They delivered a faux-Sudhakar to the hospital and filed a police report. But soon they began to doubt that they care about your son. Parents alarmed by the refusal of the men have mutton soup, which was a favorite dish of Sudhakar.

Then the young man took the fingerprints. Later Swasi was arrested, she and her lover confessed to the murder.

The police claim that the woman was inspired by the story of the Indian movie 2014, Yevadu (“Who”), in which one of the characters got plastic surgery to impersonate another person.

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