In the United States has developed a plan of action in case the “Maidan” in the DPRK

In the case of mass riots and the fall of the regime in North Korea, US ready to enter into the country, but after the normalization to take them back. This was stated by the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson in Washington Atlantic Council, reports TASS.

According to Tillerson, possible action plan, the Americans discussed with China. “The most important thing for us in this situation to ensure the safety of those nuclear weapons that they already have, not to let them fall into the hands of those who, in our opinion, they should not get” — he said.

The Secretary of state stressed that the U.S. does not seek regime change in North Korea and not looking for a reason to send their troops North of the demilitarized zone. The main task of Washington, in his words, is the denuclearization of the Peninsula.

Earlier, on 11 December, it was reported that an American scientist Jeffrey Lewis has developed a possible scenario of nuclear war between the US and North Korea.

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