Homeless homeless boiled alive for two scrap

Judicial Board on criminal cases of the Supreme Court of Russia has left without changes a sentence of life imprisonment for a homeless man who killed two homeless people. This is the website of the Prosecutor’s office of Zabaykalsky Krai.

Informed the regional court found that neither working citizen on the territory of an abandoned clinic in Chita in February 2008 found a large scrap yard and decided to take it. His plan he shared with two other homeless people, but they forbade the man to collect scrap metal “in their territory”.

Then the man decided to kill them. For this, he purchased low-quality alcohol and treated the homeless in the hope that they will be poisoned and die. They survived, but fell asleep in a state of deep intoxication.

“Bringing your intent on killing them to the end, dragged my buddies to the bottom hatch of the heating unit to a depth of 1.7 metres and opened the hot water tap. Making sure that the victims woke up and were under a layer of boiling water, he closed the top hatch, and left”, — stated in the message of Prosecutor’s office.

On 7 December it was reported that the effect of Tatarstan charged to a homeless man who raped his adopted granddaughter of pensioners.

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