Gordon declined to name the party, which will run

Gordon declined to name the party, which will run

MOSCOW, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. Journalist Catherine Gordon said he plans to run as a candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation from the party, but refused to call it.

Regular elections of the President of Russia will be held in March 2018, the campaign is supposed to start in December 2017. The stage of registration of candidates for presidential elections will be preceded by a stage of advancement.

“The party was found… Is an existing registered party,” said Gordon, the radio station “Echo of Moscow” on Wednesday, refusing to call it.

She also believes that a previously declared their desire to participate in presidential elections “to the CEC will not come.” “I’ll go there (to the CEC), and we are doing this rather tedious routine procedure (collection of documents),” said the journalist.

Last week, acting President Vladimir Putin announced his intention to run in the upcoming elections. In addition to Putin’s intention to run for the upcoming elections, said the journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who is positioning himself as the candidate “against all”, the political scientist Andrey Bogdanov and one of the founders of the movement “Nashi” Boris Yakimenko. Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov said that he, as leader of the Communist party, was nominated as the presidential candidate of all party organizations, but the final decision of the Congress.