City in Australia made a mistake with the year of celebration of its anniversary

City in Australia made a mistake with the year of celebration of its anniversary

Grand plans for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Australian city of Charleville-mézières ran into insurmountable difficulties, after local authorities discovered that he was late with the celebrations of three years.

The inhabitants of Charleville, Queensland, began to plan a celebratory event next year to celebrate the anniversary of receiving official city status, which, they believed, occurred in 1868.

However, the check records in the national archives showed that in fact, this historic moment took place in 1865.

Charleville plans 150th anniversary celebration, realises it’s 3 years too late | Metro News:

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Mayor Annie Liston expressed his deep disappointment on this occasion.

“As it turned out, that date has already passed, we had already invested so much money. It was a huge shock to us all, I tell you, she said in interview Bi-bi-si. — We were preparing for a large cheerful holiday next year, and it turned out that even the date wrong.”

The mayor said that earlier local historians referred to different dates, and some official records were lost in the floods.

“Of course there are other things, which for us is very important — we would need the rain to avoid a drought], and the economic situation should be improved and the like. But, of course, these birthdays to celebrate important”, — said a resident of Charleville Lori Parker in an interview with Australian television Hey-bi-si.

Now the city, which is home to around 3,300 people, considering alternative plans of celebrations.

We still plan to hold some kind of celebration next year. The organizers are now trying to come up with a new form of events.Annie Listener Of Charleville