Alexei Navalny presented his political programme

Alexei Navalny presented his political programme

Alexei Navalny proposes to exempt small business from taxes, to liquidate the Pension Fund, create a special service to combat corruption and to cancel the call. Respondents RBC experts assessed the main provisions of the program policies.

The founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny, a year after the announcement of his intentions to run for President announced the program, which he plans to go to the polls, if he registers as a candidate. The CEC head Ella Pamfilova previously warned that the politician will be able to register after conviction.


Navalny proposed to eliminate the Pension Fund of Russia and on its basis to create “the world’s largest Fund-investor”, by analogy with the Norwegian sovereign Fund Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). The latter invests oil and gas revenues the Norwegian government assets around the world. “Sounds like populism, but no more”, — said the Deputy Director of the Institute for social analysis and forecasting Ranhigs Yuri Gorlin.

Eliminates Alexei Navalny Pension Fund, and how to pay pensions to today’s pensioners? Who will do this function?Yuri Gorlin

The opposition proposes to transfer to the new pension Fund NWF, stock exchange traded public companies and their dividends as well as income from privatization. “It suddenly happens that next year the income of “Rosneft” or “Gazprom”, which said Navalny, will not allow to pay dividends, for whatever reason. How to make it stationary?”, says Gorlin. According to him, the idea is to send a portion of the additional revenues from the state companies to the reserve retirement system to ensure greater growth of pensions and to smooth revenue fluctuations in the pension system have been repeatedly reproduced, “but it has to be systematically on the basis of dividend policies or through increased income tax or other taxes, but without breaking the current insurance system.”

The transformation of PFR in the Norwegian analogue of the Fund will not lead to a good result, I agree the Director of the Centre for economic policy research economic faculty of Moscow state University Oleg despite the presence of the.

The role of the Norwegian Fund in Russia was called upon to perform the national welfare Fund, like the economist, but the Fund, this status did not take place.

“That is the experience of the centralized investments for pension purposes in Russia, in fact, failed,” — said despite the presence of the.

The increase in the minimum wage to 25 thousand. — one more idea Bulk — “exceeds the capabilities of business and government,” said the despite the presence. To increase the salaries of the employees several times, employers will either have to comply with the law and dismiss a considerable part of them, or to translate into a shadow form of employment to which “there is strong gravity,” says the economist.

The distribution of income equally between the Federal center and the regions, as proposed by Navalny demands serious corrective measures, said despite the presence: “let me Remind you that 50: 50 is the ratio of the time of President Yeltsin. Now it is, of course, biased in favor of the center, but imagine that we change it through some taxes, and it turns out that the richest regions will get additional money, and the poor will become relatively poorer”.

The increase in the minimum wage, pension reform and the redistribution of tax revenues between the Federal center and regions is a “perfectly reasonable economic ideas,” said Director of the center for market research HSE George Ostapkovich. “I think that these questions will raise the future government, and in principle is not an extremist proposals,” says Ostapkovich. But the idea is to pass to the NWF “looks populist” and compare Russian and Norwegian economic realities “not correct”.