The Spaniards found a migrant in the dashboard of the BMW

Spanish police arrested a 65-year-old Moroccan retiree for attempting to illegally smuggle 12-year-old migrant across the border. About it reports The Local.

The guards at the checkpoint between Morocco and Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the border with that state, found the child in the dashboard of a BMW X5. The boy was able to detect by means of a special instrument that calculates the number of people in the car on the heartbeat.

It is noted that the teenager originally from Guinea was in a semiconscious state. He was barely breathing, he had a high temperature. The boy was sent for medical examination. How long the child was in the dashboard, not reported.

In early October of this year in the UK bus driver found near the engine of four migrants from Eritrea and Sudan. According to the man, he was carrying passengers from France to Britain, when he suddenly heard a knock rang out in the engine area. Opening the lid, he saw illegal immigrants. “One of them asked me: “is This England?””, — says the Briton.

The man called police, who with great difficulty pulled migrants from the engine compartment.

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