The latest American superesminets broke during testing

The latest American destroyer the USS Zumwalt has interrupted the test and returned to the shipyard, located in Maine. The cause of the incident was the failure of the ship, said in a statement the U.S. Navy. It is reported portal of the naval Institute, U.S. (USNI).

It is noted that the day after the departure from the shipyard the destroyer “refused harmonic filters that protect sensitive electrical equipment from undesirable power fluctuations”, reports RIA Novosti.

As a result, the ship disappeared the opportunity to use a complex electrical network at high loads.

High-tech destroyer, launched last fall, has several times visited in the repair. In addition, the ship was expensive to operate. So, at the cost of the ship at $ 4.4 billion, shot out of a cannon costs the budget of 800 thousand dollars.

The laying of the first Zumwalt destroyer was held in November 2011 in the shipyard Bath Iron Works in Maine. The first ship was christened in honor of the 19th of chief naval operations United States Navy Elmo Russell Elmo zumwalt, the past of world war II, Korean and Vietnam war.