The Kremlin made it clear Putin’s attitude to the status of neutrality of the Russians at the Olympics

Dmitry Peskov

President Vladimir Putin supports the decision of the Olympic Assembly, endorsing the dispatch of Russian athletes to the Games in Pyeongchang in neutral status, said press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. His words are quoted by the correspondent of”.ru” on Tuesday, December 12.

Peskov recalled that earlier, the Russian leader has declared that nobody will interfere with sending athletes to the Olympics if they so decide. “Now the Olympic meeting took place, the decision was made, therefore, you can only talk about his support [of the President],” explained the representative of the Kremlin.

Earlier Tuesday, the Olympic meeting of the Russian Olympic Committee (highest governing body R & d) supported the statement made by the Russian athletes who are ready to compete at the Olympic games in 2018 under the neutral flag. The decision was taken unanimously.

On December 5, the IOC Executive Board suspended the Russian team from participation in international competitions for violations of anti-doping rules. To serve in the South Korean city can only athletes who have proven its “purity”. They will have the opportunity to compete under a neutral flag. The next day the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has approved the format of participation of Russians in the Olympics and also said that Russia is partly to blame for the fact that the national team suspended.