The explosion in Austria left Europeans without Russian gas

The explosion and ensuing fire at the largest gas distribution station in Baumgarten (Austria) led to disruptions in fuel supplies to consumers, including Russian gas. It is reported Bloomberg.

His flow ceased in Italy, Hungary and Slovenia. According to the Agency, “Gazprom” already declared that “working on the reallocation and is doing everything possible to ensure uninterrupted gas supply to customers in the transport direction”.

At the same time TASS with reference to the Austrian regulator E-Control reports that gas continues to flow from the hub, located in Germany.

Earlier, on 12 December it was reported that the accident at the gas hub, one person died. According to various sources, wounds, injuries and burns received from 18 to 60 employees. Several victims were hospitalized by helicopters to the nearest hospital.

The Austrian police in his Twitter says that the cause of the explosion was a technical malfunction.

The Central European hub in Baumgarten is among the three largest gas distribution centers in Europe and is an international platform for trading this type of fuel.

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