Scientists spoke about the impact of food on mood

Scientists spoke about the impact of food on mood

The food has a different effect on the mental state of people of different ages, to such conclusion the American scientists from Binghamton University.

In the study, people from different countries filled out an online questionnaire, which described their dietary habits, the foods consumed and the psychological state.

After analyzing the results, the researchers found that the mood of people aged 18-29 years are largely influenced by meat consumption, says MedicalXpress.

Regular consumption of meat products leads to the accumulation in the brain chemicals (especially serotonin and dopamine) that cause a sense of satisfaction and improve mood.

It is noted that young people who ate meat (red or white) less than three times in a week without exercise, showed a propensity for mental disorders.

People over the age of 30, in turn, more sensitive to foods that contain antioxidants (red wine, green tea, beans, artichokes).

Such foods neutralize free radicals (oxidants) — with age their number increases, which may lead to mental disorders.

Scientists advise people in this age group do not abuse food, which activates the sympathetic nervous system (coffee and foods with high glycemic), because it can trigger the development of mental disorders.

In mid-November it was reported that American biochemists have discovered a link between susceptibility to obesity and a mutation of intracellular proteins. The study was conducted on laboratory rodents. In the experiment, proved that individuals are carriers of one of the variants of ankyrin-B faster than the other rodents gained weight. The diet of the mice was the same.