Scientists have recreated the most terrible sound of all time

Scientists have recreated the most terrible sound of all time

MOSCOW, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. American scientists have recreated the sound of “roar” t-Rex and called it the worst ever heard, reports The Telegraph.

Naturalist Chris Packham and Professor of vertebrate paleontology at the University of Texas at Austin Julia Clark reproduced the “voice” of an ancient predator to test the hypothesis that the dinosaurs didn’t roar, like today’s carnivorous mammals, and uttered sounds more like the singing of birds.

The most terrible sounds of the modern nature is the point of the predators — wolf, the roar of the tiger — but now experts doubt that the T. Rex “sound” anything like either of them.Chris Pagenatural

The closest relatives of dinosaurs — birds, and alligators and crocodiles. Therefore, when recreating the “voice” of the predator, the scientists took as a basis the sounds of a large drink and a Chinese alligator. The researchers took into account and how the size of T. Rex could affect their “roar”.

The result was a sinister low drone — like sounds on Earth heard about 66 million years.

According to Professor Clark, our disgust for such sounds is due to the congenital memory.

“Everyone thinks that it is necessary to roar, and only then it will be really scary, but it (the roar of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. — Approx. ed.) the worst sound you’ll ever hear. I don’t know if we have any deep adaptive response to low frequency sounds, but I would not be surprised,” said Clark.

As scholars have noted, the t-Rex didn’t even have to open the jaws to emit a menacing rumble. Such low frequency sound can propagate over long distances.