New signs will appear on the Russian roads

New signs will appear on the Russian roads

Dozens of new traffic signs and supplementary plates will appear in Russia. This is evidenced by the adopted national standard (PNST), allowing their use across the country. “News” was acquainted with the document.

Among the new characters — “the Prohibition of entry into the intersection in case of congestion”. It will apply to other visual symbols “wafer layout” (that is, it is impossible to leave, if there is congestion) or intersection where this markup is not.

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Also the new standard appeared a sign “Deaf pedestrians”. It will be installed in areas where it is most likely the appearance of people with hearing impairment. To designate intersections where it is permitted to cross the road obliquely, will install the signs “Diagonal crosswalk”. In addition, on roads there will be many other signs.

PST will be valid until November 1, 2020. It will provide an opportunity for accelerated introduction of results of research works and preliminary validation of requirements in practice (making procedure GOST lasts longer). On the basis of information accumulated as a result of using PNSC, will follow up with the development of a national standard of Russia.

Earlier signs as experiment was established on the streets of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Vladimir, and Saratov.