Human rights activists have accused authorities of Europe in brutal treatment of migrants

European leaders involved in the abuse of tens of thousands of migrants in Libya. This was stated in the human rights organization Amnesty International, reports The Guardian.

Human rights activists explained that European politicians were aware of the fact that the coast guard in Libya, which was funded by the EU, subjected people to torture and exploitation.

The EU was interested in the fact that migrants held in Libya.

“The lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants in Libya are dependent on Libyan authorities, military formations, armed groups and smugglers, often working as a single unit for financial gain,” according to the report of human rights activists.

According to Amnesty International, currently up to 20 thousand people “are in overcrowded, unsanitary detention centres”.

The President of France Emmanuel macron said earlier that the European Union can support “military action” to combat networks of traffickers in Libya. The head of state stressed that we are not talking about the beginning of the war, only about “intensive police operations”.