The results of the Russian military operation in Syria

The results of the Russian military operation in Syria

11 December, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to begin the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. The main results of the Russian military operation in the Arab country — in the material “Kommersant”.


September 30, 2015, the Federation Council unanimously approved the request of the President of Russia to use the armed forces outside the country. After that the Russian aircraft struck the first blows on the positions of terrorists in Syria. In total, the military operation lasted two years and 73 days.

Just planes videoconferencing has made more than 30 thousand combat sorties and destroyed in Syria, more than 96 thousand. (control points, warehouses, training grounds, workshops and factories for the production of weapons, tankers, etc.) and 1,5 thousand units of military equipment of terrorists. Russia first used in combat multifunctional fighter-bomber su-34 strategic bomber Tu-160 (“White Swan”), as well as high-precision cruise missiles? X-101 and high-explosive bombs KAB-500. With sea targets of the terrorists were fired 99 rockets complex “Caliber”.

According to estimates of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, was released 998 cities and towns with an area of more 503,2 thousand sq. km. In the result, the territory controlled by ISIS in Syria, reduced to not less than 65% (from 70% to 5%), as a result of a demining was neutralized 96,1 thousand pieces (about 1.5 thousand per day). After that more than 1 million Syrians have been able to return to their homes.