The media learned motives suspect in a bomb explosion in new York

The media learned motives suspect in a bomb explosion in new York

A suspect in the terrorist explosion in the center of new York carried out the attack for revenge. About this newspaper The New York Post, citing police sources in new York.

According to interlocutors of the edition, the attacker said that he wanted to “harm” the United States is due to the fact that they “bombed his country.” The sources said that 27-year-old native of Bangladesh Acid Ulla lived in Brooklyn and worked as a taxi driver in new York city as long as it is not expired period of validity of his driving license.

According to police, Ulla undermined attached to his body an explosive device on the morning of 11 December. The explosion occurred near the bus station at the intersection of Eighth Avenue and 42nd street. According to the New York Post, Ulla detonated a bomb in the name of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

As a result of explosion four persons were injured, the assailant was also injured.

After reports of the explosion with the three lines the new York subway was evacuated. In particular, the evacuation took place on the lines A, C and E. Also was the evacuation of the bus station. The authorities in new York acknowledged the incident a terrorist attack.