The Kremlin decided to turn the presidential elections into a holiday to boost voter turnout

The Kremlin decided to turn the presidential elections into a holiday to boost voter turnout

Presidential elections on March 18, must go as a holiday — such a setup gave to the regions the Kremlin. In the presidential administration hopes that the festive atmosphere at the polls increase turnout, told RBC sources.

The holiday comes to us

The Kremlin has put before the regions the task of turning presidential elections on 18 March in the occasion, told RBC a source close to the leadership of one of the subjects, and confirmed by two people close to the presidential administration. We are talking about the voting day to which you want to create a festive mood at the polling stations, said the source of RBC. The Federal government, according to them, hopes that turning the elections into a holiday will help to improve attendance.

Specific units what to do in areas, regions were not given, but the scheme is so clear: “It may be cultural, sporting events, fairs,” explains one close to the presidential administration of the interlocutors of RBC. Set of celebratory events is obvious — the performances of creative groups, selling food and goods, adds close to one of the regions the source of RBC.

About the need to make elections a holiday and the ways of attraction of voters on sites was discussed at the Kremlin seminar for Vice-governors on domestic policy and Deputy envoys to the President for domestic policy, which was held in Moscow from 29 November to 2 December, told close to the presidential administration, the interlocutor of RBC. According to him, the audience gave examples of how to get citizens to the polling stations to conduct on voting day, polls on certain aspects of life in a particular locality, attitude to school rules, etc.

It was not about the referendum as such, but rather on their likeness, when the authorities find out the opinion of citizens, but legal force, the results of “plebiscite” are not explained close to the Kremlin, the source of RBC. Legally binding referendums are not a priority of the Federal centre, he added.

There was also a proposal to organize polling stations in the children’s room to create additional convenience for parents. As an example the festive days of voting, the participants even showed a photo of the polling station, hung balloons, said the interlocutor of RBC.

These examples of involvement of citizens in the elections need not be adopted — regions have the right to determine how they attract voters in the precinct, said close to the leadership of one of the subjects the source of RBC.

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