The explosion in new York has deemed a terrorist attack

The mayor of new York bill De Blasio said that the explosion in Midtown Manhattan — an attempted terrorist attack. About it reports Reuters.

According to De Blasio, the alleged offender, most likely acted alone. In the NYPD incident is also called terrorism.

The explosion at the intersection of 42nd street and 8th Avenue took place on 11 December. According to sources, New York Post, the police staged his man — a native of Bangladesh, he is influenced by the radical ideas of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

Suspect of 27 years, the last time he lived in new York borough of Brooklyn. His name is Okayed Ullah. The Associated Press adds that the evidence of contacts of Ullaha the IG is not.

The bomb he detonated, was made of 13-inch pipe stuffed with explosives, and electric detonators. The device detonated on the street, Ullah was seriously wounded. He was taken to the hospital and questioned by police officers.

Police Department of new York reported that in the attack and injuries received four people, their life threatens nothing. Responsibility for the attack while anybody on itself did not take.

Background: Became a well-known personality of the new York bomber