The boy recorded a video about how his being bullied at school. Now dozens of celebrities write to him that he’s great!

The boy recorded a video about how his being bullied at school. Now dozens of celebrities write to him that he’s great!

December 8, a resident of Tennessee Kimberly Jones posted on Facebook a video where her son Keaton talks about bullying in school. Video with a crying student who asks the simple question “For what?” became viral and Keaton Jones began to write in the social networks of celebrities — from Justin Bieber to Snoop Dogg. “Medusa” tells how the video started a discussion about bullying and what came of it.

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A video in which Keaton talks about bullying, his mother Kimberly Jones recorded in the car — after Keaton once again asked early to pick him up from school: he was afraid to go to school lunch.

The boy said that he’s constantly bullied classmates: say nasty things about his appearance, poured at lunch with milk, put under clothes, the food or throw it at him. “They [other children] laugh at my face. Call me a freak. Say that I have no friends — lists in the video crying Keaton. — I’m just wondering why they bullied me? What’s the point? How you can have fun from what you take an innocent person and figure out how to hurt him? It’s not normal!” Then Keaton says that all people are different and it is impossible for anyone to criticize it because they are not to blame.

According to Kimberly Jones, the idea to record a greeting belongs to the boy. By posting the video, she wrote that Keaton’s house — “an ordinary boy”, and the school is behaving good.

“We all know how it feels to want to be accepted. But not all know what it really is, when nobody takes” the woman added.NewsChildren clearly explained how to respond to persecution

After publishing the video quickly became viral and was watched by 22 million times and shared more than 430 thousand people (at the time of publication of the text Kimberly Jones changed the settings in Facebook and shut down access to the video). The student was supported by many celebrities, from stars of the TV series “Very strange case” Millie Bobby brown and singer Justin Bieber to daughter of Martin Luther king, Bernice king and actor and performer of the role of Luke Skywalker in “Star wars” Brand hamilla. “Keaton, I’m very sorry that you were hurt. If such people do not change, they will eventually be very sad life. You’re great!” — tweeted the Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette.