The aircraft swept over the airfield delivered to Kamchatka packages

On Kamchatka the plane swept unloaded on the airfield parcel. The incident in Ust-Khayryuzovo videotaped and posted to Instagram “Kamchatka reporter”.

The parcel lay a mountain directly under the wing of the Yak-40. When the Board started moving and turned around, they blew air jet from the turbines.

from @ichigeki_88 so in one of the villages of Kamchatka unload mail, and then pack it throughout. RUSSIAN POST

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The record commented user markin_post, who identified himself as an official representative of the Russian post. “Management of Federal postal service of the Kamchatka territory reported that the mail was not injured. All mail was promptly collected and checked for consistency, then delivered to the sorting center,” he wrote.

The representative mail also noted that “the air ship CAP airlines (…) the beginning of the movement, making sure that the ground service has removed the cargo from the platform”.

On this fact the airport conducts official investigation.

5 December it was reported about the history of the transformation of mail-lard of smoked. In social networks, some by tradition, ridiculed the quality of the work of postmen, others considered the incident just trolling sent a parcel of women.