St. Petersburg nunchuck attacked a subway train screaming “car Russian”

In St. Petersburg, three young men armed with nunchucks and a knife, attacked the passengers with the cry of “car Russian”, informs “” on Monday, December 11.

The incident occurred at the station “Technological Institute” 9 Dec. Upon entering the train, hooligans was beaten and pushed onto the platform of the citizen of non-Slavic appearance. When the train moved in the direction “Baltic” nationalists continued to molest passengers. Rebuffed, they resorted to metal nunchakus and a knife, wounding two people.

Attacked passengers young people, according to the newspaper, the supporters of the current Straight edge, implying the rejection of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and promiscuity and popular among the nationalists. It is noted that the detention was attended by members of the centre for combating extremism of the interior Ministry.

In the regional police confirmed the attack, adding that two of his party at the age of 18 and 16 detained. A criminal case on hooliganism (article 213 of the Russian criminal code).

On September 29, unknown assailants attacked the capital’s office “” on the Warsaw highway: smashed Windows, torched, painted the walls with Nazi symbols. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. In fact the incident initiated a criminal case on hooliganism.